Friday, November 12, 2010

Scripture Crown

I hope the activities this week have helped you strengthen your testimony and understand you are literally a spirit son or daughter of God.  He loves you.  You wanted you to come to earth and have a body like Him.  Just like baby animals look like their parents and grow to be like them, your body is made in His image and you can become like Heavenly Father.  We show we are thankful for our bodies by taking care of them and dressing them modestly. 
Today, lets add a scripture crown to our outfits!
First, you will need a pair of scissors.  For this craft you can use regular ones or craft scissors.  Remember to ask a grown-up for help!
You will also need a piece of construction paper.  Heavier paper works too and will make a stronger crown.  Fold your paper in half long-ways or the "hotdog" way.  Then cut a zig-zag along the folded edge.  If you do this little triangle pieces should come out and you will end up with two pieces.
Now you should have two pieces to your crown.  Put them next to each other to make a long mountain-ridge shape and tape the one side together. 

With the help of a grown-up print out one of the following pieces of paper.  Both have the same scripture on it, just in different colors.  If you don't like purple or green you can select the third link and change the color yourself.  This might change the font of the writing though, if you don't already have these fonts on your computer.
Ye Are Gods Scripture in Purple
Ye Are Gods Scripture in Green
Ye Are Gods Scripture with Edit Options

The same scripture is listed twice on the paper.  Choose one to cut out and paste it to your crown.  Make sure you pound it on good!

Now you are ready to decorate your crown with markers, crayons, stickers, or even glitter!
Once it is dry and ready, have your grown up wrap it around your head and tape the back together in a way that will fit your head comfortably.  Looking good!
Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most high (Psalms 82:6)  I love this scripture.  It is short but very important.  Thinking about it could help you make a good choice, like sharing even when it is hard or remembering to say your prayers.  If you like, put the other copy of the scripture up some where in your room, maybe next to your picture!  If you practice every day you will be able to memorize it and keep it in your heart. 
God loves you!  Remember, the gospel is true!

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