Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life Size Self-Portraits!

Have you ever thought of your body as a gift?  Well it is!  It is a wonderful present from the Lord.  So, today we are going to use "gift" wrap to make a life size self-portrait.
First, roll out some wrapping paper on the floor, blank side up.  Then lie down on top of it with your legs and arms kind of spread out.  You may have to put some books on the edge of the paper to help keep it weighted down.  See...
Next, have your grown-up draw an outline of your body on the paper. 
Then YOU can fill in the details!
We did fingernails and a belly-button...
...and clothing!  Wearing modest clothes is a way of taking care of our bodies and showing Heavenly Father we are grateful for them.
You can do hair, eyes, a nose and mouth too.  We are blessed to have a body and no matter what it looks like, it was made in the image of God.  Remember, the gospel is true!
Love, Molly

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