Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Spiritual Easter Egg Hunt!

First, wasn't General Conference incredible?  From the sessions I did hear there were so many talks about families, children and parenting.  I can't wait to write about those later, but for now I would really like to share this Easter-inspired activity.
We had SO MUCH fun doing this easy game- more fun than I expected :) - so I wanted to share it with you. The real meaning of Easter can easily be forgotten with the yummy goodies, cute bunnies and other festivities.  None of that usually focuses on the Savior.  So we decided to have a Spiritual Easter Egg Hunt too.
 First, cut out or print out pictures of different blessings we have because of the life and sacrifice of the Savior. It can be anything really because everything comes from God, but try to connect how he is specifically responsible for that gift. The atonement allows us to be clean and go to the temple and be sealed to families. His coming to earth and being a Savior meant we could all get bodies too. He created this beautiful world and the animals on it. His lessons and comfort are there for us in the scriptures...the list goes on and on and it was great to talk about with my kids and think about myself.
 Next, fold up the pictures and put them in the Easter eggs...
 We put little white marshmallows in a few of the eggs too.  This was a great time to remind them about what white symbolizes, how the Savior is clean and pure, and how through baptism and the sacrament we can be clean and pure too. 
 And of course, we left one egg empty to remind us of the empty tomb.
 Then just hide and find the eggs!  What amazed me was how excited the kids were about finding the pictures of blessings they had cut out.  I thought they might be kind of bored about it, but they really weren't.  They understood how Easter was about Jesus and his love for us.
 Even my daughter was happy to find the egg that was empty.
 I really hope you can find a few minutes to do this with your kids or grandkids.  It could be great on Sunday even.  The Lord lives and there are so many reasons his life, sacrifice and resurrection should make us happy.  During a week that I've kind of had the blues I'm so glad that I could do this with my children and remember that all is not lost, because hope lives always in my Savior and big brother, Jesus.  Have a Happy Easter!  Remeber, the Gospel is true!  Love, Eva

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